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Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West recently made a complete ass of herself at a debate on the boycotting of Arizona Immigration law SB1070.

In case you didn’t catch that – her stupid ass just justified her reason to boycott the law based on the fact that Arizona does not share a border with Mexico (seriously). Pointlessly boycotting a law is bad enough, but you’d think she would have something prepared to say to state her case. Instead she flew by the seat of her pants and was left with them sitting around her ankles. I know the high school graduation rate in Milwaukee is hardly pushing 50%, but god damn, I think even Paris Hilton would know Arizona borders Mexico (probably not, but you get the point). West did try to backtrack later by saying she meant that Texas had a longer border, and thus would have a bigger reception to the fact that there is a problem here. Sorry, Peg, you’re an idiot and now the whole world will know just how unprepared and uneducated you are. Your job was to research this law and boycott it intelligently – you did neither. You can now return to Reading People and watching soap operas, because it seems obvious that’s all your intelligence level allows you to accomplish. Regardless of where you stand on this, I think everybody has to agree that if you are trying to argue for or against something, it might be important to know at least the most basic facts surrounding the cause. The best part – she’s elected, folks. Chosen by the people to make inane, retarded statements to the people.

I wish I could lay waste to this dipshit, I really do, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Somebody has beaten me to the punch, and I feel it imperative to bring to you a beat down of epic proportions. Arizona Senator, Jon Kyl, sent Peggy West a letter explaining to her basic geography. I can not do it any better justice so I’ll give it to you verbatim here.

The Honorable Peggy West
Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors
Milwaukee County Courthouse
901 North 9th Street, RM 201
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Dear Supervisor West:
I understand that, when speaking about Arizona’s new immigration law at a Supervisors’
meeting recently, you said:
“If this was Texas, which is a state that is directly on the border with Mexico, and they
were calling for a measure like this saying that they had a major issue with
undocumented people flooding the borders, I would have to look twice at this. But this is
a state that is a ways removed from the border.”
You will be interested to learn that Arizona does indeed share a border with Mexico. I
have enclosed a map for your convenience.
I hope you will take the time to actually read the Arizona law before formulating an
opinion about it and become familiar with our country’s geography and the challenges that our
border states face.

Included in this public belittlement was a map that Senator Kyl so graciously filled out to illustrate for Ms. West exactly what she should have known since 2nd grade.

Yeah, this actually happened. It makes me feel good to know that other people out there have the balls to say what should be said, and in this case – people with the power to make it heard on a scale as large as this. Senator Jon Kyl – thank you.

Source: TMJ4

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OOOH! Hot button topic! Quick – furrow your brow and get mad before reading this. If there is anything I’ve learned from politics it’s that nobody ever wins, but EVERYBODY gets pissed off, which generally makes for good TV. Let me preface this by saying that I lean neither right or left, my posture is pretty decent. I also try to stay away from placing myself into predetermined political categories because I prefer to think for myself. What I do love is making fun of politics because it’s just so damn easy. The issue at hand was interesting to me because it has some fundamental idiosyncrasies I felt compelled to bring to light as a layman peering in from the outside. I will never try to pretend like I know my ass from my face when it comes to politics, but I’d like to think I can smell a little trouble brewing in the political arena.

In case you are lagging behind the rest of the country on news or current events I’ll give you a quick, crude, ill-informed run down of what this bill is all about (I’d give you a link, but then I’d be lambasted for whichever “side’s” site I used by people from the other side). The Arizona bill makes it a crime to be in the U.S. illegally (woo!). The bill also gives local law enforcement the right to question anybody on the legality of their citizenship as long as they have “reasonable suspicion” to believe they may be illegal (ahhh crap). They were so close! Listen, it’s hard for me to take sides on this one because I do agree with what they’re trying to do, but I’m worried about how it will be carried out. Usually when cops are given this kind of open, sweeping authority, a video pops up on the internet of some minority getting the living bejesus beaten out of him. As long as they yell “stop resisting” it’s all good, right? In this case we’re saved, though, because the bill points out that racial profiling is not allowed. Haha, yeah OK, so let me get this straight – the point of this bill is to give the authority to question people about their citizenship who look like they might be illegal, but they’re not not allowed to racially profile? That’s like force-feeding somebody ex-lax and telling them not to shit; it’s damn near impossible. What does an illegal alien look like anyway? Hispanic? Native American? How about Polish, Russian, German, Italian or Irish? I’m just sayin’… How the hell is one supposed to be on the lookout for illegal immigrants without profiling, ESP?

Pro·fil·ing [proh-fahy-ling]


the use of specific characteristics, as race or age, to make generalizations about a person.

I haven’t been around too long, but I’m pretty well versed in the meaning of “reasonable suspicion.”  It’s a simple way of saying, “We can do whatever we want, and since the letter of the law is subjective- you’ll never win.” I see where they’re coming from, though. The current border control system has failed so hard that Arizona lawmakers felt compelled to take this kind of extreme action in order to prove their point and take control of their state.

Is this too far? Maybe this is too far. Ehhh....

The left wingers will cling to the fact that this violates all of their civil rights, while the right wingers will cling to the fact that they’re not allowed, per the bill, to racially profile – thereby harming nobody. I will, meanwhile, maintain a realistic approach and say that regardless of what the bill says, the fact of the matter is that human beings are carrying out its work. Living , breathing, emotional, biased, opinionated human beings are being asked to maintain a keen eye for those who may be living here illegally… but not to racially profile them in order to make the determination.

Con-tra-dic-tion [kon-truhdik-shuhn]


a statement or proposition that contradicts or denies another or itself and is logically incongruous.
direct opposition between things compared; inconsistency.

Give me a break, who do they honestly think is stupid enough to fall for this? Oh wait… I believe there is a document somewhere that reads ‘all men are created equal’. However, if a black man and I were both pulled over for the same offense, I’m willing to bet he is more likely to get the ticket. I think it’s safe to say that the human interpretation element to any written bill, law or reform can not be ignored.

I agree with what they’re getting at, but am at odds with the route they’re taking to get there. I’m all for border control (and frankly, I’m not completely against racially profiling either – because that’s also called being ‘street smart’), I hate dumping my money to pay for illegal immigrants just as much as the next guy. My problem lies in the fact that we are essentially asking law enforcement to racially profile, but forbidding them to racially profile (yes, you read that correctly). I just can’t shake the feeling that this seems an awful lot like a desperate attempt by a group of insecure officials to give authority figures free-reign to do whatever the hell they want in order to make up for an already failing border patrol system. Oh, ya know what – nevermind, I forgot that we’re fixing that too. Our hero is here.


[proh-fahy-ling] Show IPA

–noun the use of specific characteristics, as race or age, to make generalizations about a person, as whether he or she may be engaged in illegal activity

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