If you’ve clicked here you’re either interested in my site or not very observant, maybe both. In case you missed the left sidebar of the page or don’t know what that silly red icon is, have a seat and read the instructions below.

Stop draggin’ ass and subscribe to the blog by email or RSS feed already. You won’t have to sift through hundreds of stupid Facebook updates finding out who just harvested fake corn on their make-believe farm or read about some dummy’s astrological forecast. Don’t know how?
On the left sidebar you’ll find the subscription box – put your email in it. Done (I won’t spam you, so stop being a prude)

What the hell is an RSS feed?” Simply put – a way to get any news from almost anywhere delivered to you in one place online. You’ve probably seen the symbol 1000 times on 1000 websites and never known what it was . I use Google Reader (it’s free, don’t be scared). I’m able to get any online news updates I want sent to me immediately by subscribing to the RSS feed of the website. You can subscribe to almost anything including Sports, News or sweet ass blogs like mine. “Ok cool, how do I do it?”

Again – on the left sidebar, click on the red icon and copy the web address URL into the reader of your choice’s “add a subscription” box.

If you’re really cool, you can also become a fan of my Facebook page (and suggest the page to everybody you know because they’ll love it too). I sometimes post random shit there that doesn’t go to the blog. “How do I do that?” Check out the left sidebar… (noticing a trend?)