The reproduction of idiots

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Whatever
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There’s always something on the news, or somebody writing something somewhere regarding the root of society’s problems. Money is a likely culprit, drugs get a bad rap and poor schooling is always thrown under the bus. Every moron with a laptop or microphone has an opinion but most of them dodge what I feel is the most obvious issue. Main stream media has yet, as far as I’ve noticed, to speak loudly about the fact that if stupid people just stopped having kids – most of the world’s problems would be alleviated.

Who’s out there running up credit card debts, filling our jails, remaining uneducated, getting pregnant in their teens and sticking oxycontin in their fucking noses? Idiots. And where do idiots come from? Older idiots. Every redneck or piece of garbage with working equipment is out there banging anything that moves without taking any precaution ending up with 300 god damn kids they can’t handle and don’t want. Ever hear stories about how mom or dad had to hold down 4 jobs in order to make ends meet? I’m sure it’s tragic but if mom or dad spent more time in class than on their back they wouldn’t have 7 kids they can’t support. From there it’s a ripple effect: can’t support kids? get more jobs; more jobs means you’re never home; never home means your kids are doing whatever they please; crazy kids = frustration; frustration = burnout; burnout = apathy. Apathetic, strung out, uneducated, stressed parents with too many out of control kids they never planned for is a disaster, and unfortunately extremely prevalent in today’s society. Those kids go on to make the same awful decisions their half-wit parents did leaving them uneducated and overwhelmed with 28 kids of their own to raise poorly and not give a shit about. Those idiots spawn more idiots, and so on, and so on… Who ends up taking the brunt of this nonsense? You and I. When Cletus and Gretchen kick the baby factory into high gear, spend their free time ripping bong hits, ignoring their kids and pissing away any money they have – we are the ones who have to pay for that shit. While you and I go to work, the ass hat twins are shitting out more kids, spelling their names incorrectly and passing out with the tourniquet still tied around their arms while they receive a stipend from us enabling them to stay that way. Are there some that might make it? Sure – but I’ve said it before: I. Do. Not. Have. Faith. In. Humanity.

It’s easily preventable though, that’s the worst part. If Dr. Dumbass wore a fucking condom or if Little Miss Shit-for-brains took her pill this would be a non-issue. Then they could waste their lives all by themselves and not drag any future convicts into the picture. If they used their fucking brains they would be able to focus on 2 kids instead of 30, thereby giving their children a fighting chance at life. Every kid comes with their share of problems, and chances are if you only have a few you’ll be able to afford it when something happens. Plenty of competent people have huge families who end up just fine, mainly because their parent’s IQs are at least in double digits.

It’s not uncommon to hear one of these assholes claim that their ignorance of birth control is due to their religious restriction – which makes me want to strangle them to within an inch of their life, then piss in their hair to wake them up. Please don’t try to tell me that your god would rather have 13 kids destined for failure than to have you take a pill to prevent it, because that is absolutely retarded. Anybody that short-sighted and controlling would be tossed from whatever office they held (unless they are figments of insecure imaginations, of course, then they serve terms of infinity).

If you see a cockroach in your house, you will probably call an exterminator. When that exterminator comes over do you think he will try to find and stomp out every single one? No – because that is extremely consumptive of time and resources not to mention incredibly ineffective. He will find the source – the nest, and destroy it.

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  2. Nicole Levin says:

    AMEN Brother!!! I firmly believe that the U.S. government should focus it’s attention on the ever growing population of complete morons! Arizona is already screwed, so congress could pass a law that works in conjunction with AZ’s SB1070, making it illegal to be stupid.Therefore,anyone caught using shit for brains would be extradited back to Arizona, where they would be held,indefinately,in a facility similar to the infamous “tent cities”, currently run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is,coincidentally, a moron himself. The mandatory uniform would consist of pink boxer shorts, along with a wife-beater(tank top), a pair of cheap, rubber flip-flops, to be worn with socks, and a Nascar hat. Of course, malt liquor would be made available, upon request, although there would obviously be no need to submit all requests in writing. There would even be a Walmart Greeter training/work release program for the gifted or more advanced idiots. Throw in a Papa John’s Pizza and a Taco Bell, and you actually have Arizona pretty much the way it is now. Shit, I HAVE got to get out of here A.S.A.P.!!!

  3. Well, There you go. You just …Oh, nevermind. I can’t stand the thought of you being happy over making me mad. I’m smiling, I promise. 🙂

    WONT. LET.YOU. Make. Me. MAAAAAAAD!!!!!!

    • Nick says:

      I’m not sure what to take from this, I think you don’t like it?. I was actually just about to ask you how you ended up on my blog in the first place.I noticed your comments throughout and I read through your blog a bit and I like it, I like your writing style; but it is just so different from mine that it makes me more curious than anything to find out how you ended up on my site and why you kept reading? I must be doing something right, right?

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  5. You can thank WordPress blog of the day. And, Amen.

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