Toilet paper: over or under?

Posted: April 18, 2010 in From the fan page
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And from Twitter…

Looks like the clear winner is ‘over’, with an honorable mention going to “use my hands”. Any rebels out there go for the under?

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  1. ann sterzinger says:

    I, for one, am stunned half dead that people actually give a shit about this. When Cottonelle or whatever asswipe company it was launched its over vs under toilet-paper debate advertising campaign — which was a totally blatant, transparent ploy to get people’s e-mail addresses so they could spam them with e-mails that were literally about crap — I was shocked when thousands of people in the Chicago area actually voted. Uh… that’s freedom of expression, kids. Hope you feel better now that you’ve got this deadly serious obsession off your chest. Enjoy your crapmail! I actually have NO idea how the TP in my bathroom is threaded at this moment, and I hope I never see the day when I am bored enough to care.

  2. […] your seat. I believe the way you approach this situation says a lot about who you are, like the toilet paper debate. To turn towards your neighbor and walk through suggests you have no shame. Sitting face-to-junk is […]

  3. Jules Manson says:

    What’s wrong with corn cobs and corn leafs?

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