I apparently don’t like tea as much as you do

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Random thought
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All I heard about yesterday were these damn Tea Parties everybody was going to. People were taking off of work, skipping school and getting stark raving drunk all day and hanging out in large groups in cities all over the country. I like tea, and I never got an invite so I’m pretty fucking salty over this. I like green tea and chamomile mostly, but my tea horizons are the opposite of broad and this could have been the perfect opportunity for me to spread my wings a bit and sample some of the best. A friend of mine attended the party and seemed to have a great time because he sent me a few pictures from the event. I have to say, after getting a look at what was going on, I’m not sure I like tea nearly as much as these guys do.

Who is spending this much money on tea?!

I'm not sure who Chris Matthews is, but that logo looks familar. Maybe it's a new brand of tea not released yet, for babies apparently.

This poor man looks to be fresh out of jail and, according to his sign, the president stole all of his hamburgers. He's probably looking for a soothing tea to calm himself down.

This kind of tea does not sound appealing

No wonder why they seem so pissed, I wouldn't want to drink this either

I’m kind of glad I didn’t go, this party looks like it sucked anyway.

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  1. Maura says:

    The suppository one is pretty funny… and I definitely laughed at the last one–but that doesn’t mean I understand it. Is there some deeper meaning that I am missing on that one? or is it just poop. Either way, good art skillz.

    Tell these people to take a cab with their huge signs. There is no damn room on the PUBLIC metro for them. And no, their signs do not deserve a seat when 50 people are standing.

    • Nick says:

      No clue on the deeper meaning, but I found most of them hilarious. Apparently these people are PISSED about the amount of money spent on tea, I’m still lost.

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