Posted: April 11, 2010 in Search Engine Terms
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In the behind-the-scenes portion of this site, I am able to look at statistics on a lot of factors influencing my website. I can see how many hits I’ve received, what links people click on to get to my site, what links people click on at my site and things like that. Another thing I’m able to see are “Search Engine Terms”, which are defined as being words people used to find your blog. This means this is what somebody typed into Google to eventually get my website to pop up for them to click on and visit. I see a lot of the usual stuff: “retort nation”, “retort”, “blogs by insanely handsome men” and other related things. I noticed this one yesterday and just thought I’d share it because of how ridiculous it is.

I know, right?! So somebody was actually researching ways to kill his wife’s dog, stumbled upon my blog post, had a laugh, then went upon his diabolical day. Since it’s looking like this may be a good source of goofy information I’ll keep a closer eye on this and bring them to you if they come up.

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