No shirt, no shoes, no pretend articles of clothing

Posted: March 28, 2010 in Pictures
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This picture was taken at a bar by my friend Paul (thanks!). See kids – school is overrated. You can own a bar, run a business and make a living while never even being required to grasp the English language. Maybe ‘white beaters’ DO exist…. thoughts?

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  1. D. Gonz says:

    LOL no egg beaters either!

  2. BIll says:

    Well, wifebeaters ARE white after all…at least until they become soiled with beer & mustard stains anyway.

  3. tkshoes says:

    What shoes are good for working in wet conditions?
    In the summer I do landscaping cutting grass, and we start early.

    • Nick says:

      tkshoes :

      What shoes are good for working in wet conditions?
      In the summer I do landscaping cutting grass, and we start early.

      I’m glad you’ve decided to bring this to my website, thanks for reading. Judging by the nature of your question I would assume this is a mass copy and paste job into any blog containing any word having anything to do with clothing. I commend you on your efforts as I’m sure this is quite effective in effectively pissing off most everybody in the blogging community. I did take a second to look at your site and I have to say it offers nothing of any use, to anybody most likely. $45 for converse high tops? Well fuck me sideways, I’ll go to walmart and get them cheaper, plus I’ll come out of there with a few funny pictures as the scenery is never anything less than hilarious. If you can promise me trashy hilarity that I can capture on my phone then we’ll talk.
      Now onto your question. I’m perplexed as to why the person with the shoe website is asking ME what kind of shoes are best suited for wet conditions. It really does nothing positive for your credibility but does give me the opportunity to call you an ass hat, which I take great pride in doing.
      So you do landscaping in the summer, and start early, huh? Well, for one – I don’t give a shit, and 2 – since we’re throwing out random facts – sometimes when I’m on the toilet for a long time my legs go numb and I pretend to be Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump, yelling and screaming about shrimp.
      If you want to send me any more unsolicited, poorly marketed, poorly priced, awfully designed website suggestions email them to me personally so I can respond with some worthless suggestion of my own. Or, you can take a minute to read the fucking blog – have something half way useful to say even if you don’t mean it or you repeat it so many times that it’s lost its meaning (like the way “Amen” is used in Churches). Thanks for your pointless question and mundane statement about your summer job which, if I cared any less about, I’d slip into a coma. You’re feeble attempt to spam my comment section has not only pushed me further from your site, but actually makes me tempted to seek out your competitor and buy every fucking shoe they have. Then I can make a website to sell them and post the link to that site on YOUR site with some stupid text like, “What shoes are best for gripping the pavement? In the winter I like to stand outside pant-less and piss in the snow, the ground becomes icy.”

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