Today in sports: Milton Bradley is f&$#@n’ nuts

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Whatever
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Listening to Milton Bradley bitch and complain through the years was getting old, then it became comical, but now he’s just gone delusional. In case you don’t follow embarrassing sports teams and people of awful character – here is the short back story:

Bradley is a Major League Baseball player, once thought of as a prodigy but turned out to be a total ass hat. He generally has a foul attitude and was disliked or hated by pretty much every team he has ever played for (it’s been noted that his high school team never came out to celebrate his home runs). In 2007 he tore his ACL being restrained from attacking a first base umpire and in 2008 he had to be chased and restrained from confronting Kansas City Royals announcer Ryan Lefebvre for making an “unfair comparison” of Bradley to Josh Hamilton. Most recently this dramatic jack ass pulled out the race card because he sucks at baseball. Now, onto the latest with this douche bag.

Milton Bradley has been spouting off at the mouth saying things like he didn’t feel safe in his own home and was afraid to venture outside. Milton – you lived in Lake Forest, IL – the only thing you have to be afraid of is if your Starbucks would happen to run out of sugar. He then went on to say that he received tons of hate mail with no return addresses and threatening emails yet has never attempted to produce any of these things to back up his story. If somebody threatened my life and sent me hate mail I would probably go to the cops with it, or at least save it… unless of course I was lying, in which case I would do exactly what this psychotic crybaby is doing.

There are only a few reasons why an athlete will play for 8 teams in 10 years, and none of those reasons are “good at baseball”. Bradley claimed he had terrible things yelled at him from the bleachers…when you get paid $30 million and bat .257 with 12 home runs and 40 RBIs you can expect to catch a little shit. Funny thing is Milton Bradley’s agent also represents Derrek Lee, who loves playing in Chicago, and recently signed Marlon Byrd who happens to be a good friend of Bradley. I’m not an agent, but I could imagine if one of my clients was having such a terrible and traumatic time in Chicago I would be apprehensive to let my other clients go there. Unless of course one of those clients was a lying sack of crap making excuses for possibly one of the greatest short comings in recent history. Even the notoriously stubborn ‘black backer’ sports reporter Steven A. Smith was heard on the radio saying how ridiculous Bradley was for all of this nonsense. When Steven A. Smith doesn’t even come to the aid of a black player, then you know you’ve gone crazy. That’s like Lindsay Lohan telling somebody to slow down a bit.

Milton – if you’re going to claim you received hate mail, show us. If you’re going to say you felt unsafe, tell us about how you contacted the authorities. Until you can prove to us just how bad it was for you, don’t play the race card, not in Chicago. Some of the biggest icons in the history of my home city were and are black. It’s not a race issue, it’s a you suck at baseball issue. It is not a coincidence that you’ve played for 8 teams in 10 years and have been hated by almost all of them. Until you can attach some proof to all of the ridiculous claims you’ve made, you’ll still be the same god damn, complaining, ass bag you’ve always been.

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  1. D. Gonz says:

    im gonna miss that crazy son of a gun playing for the cubs 😥

  2. Brendan says:

    Nice post, and nice picture of Milton! You have great taste.

  3. Fatchops, I’m gonna have to disagree with you here. I understand the guy’s a head case, but did you see the full interview? Dominguez pushed and pushed and pushed until she got him to say what she wanted to hear. He never brought up “hate mail” or said he was afraid for his life. Dominguez brought up both of these topics, plus the Piniella “piece of shit” remark. For your readers, here’s the other side…

    I did enjoy your use of asshat, though.

    – Sports Casualties

    • Fatchops says:

      good call, but she did what any good reporter would do – got the story. She knew exactly who she was dealing with. If this was Bradley’s first incident i could see… but I’m not giving Bradley the opportunity to play the “misunderstood” card either. His track record won’t allow it.

  4. Sooze says:

    He is a straight-up certifiable lunatic whose baseball skills are dwindling quickly. I can’t believe the Cubs were naive enough to give him a $30 million, 3-year deal when all he’s done is pull hamstrings since 2006. The Mariners surprised me even more, that they took him on in the first place… but I guess $5 million for one season of loony toons isn’t too bad. Entertaining at least!

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