Sense of humor? BLASPHEMY!!!!

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Whatever
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Pastor Jonathan Hatcher of Conner Heights Baptist Church in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee says he regrets distributing this leaflet in his church, but I’m not buying it. There is actually much more to this publication than what was distributed. In the original, the comic explains a story of a person who creates a belief system in which the best way to control an army of people is to tell them they will go to hell unless they listen to him and respect his immortal powers, tricking them with magic. In the story, the “cookie” is the ultimate bargaining chip. (The original in its entirety can be seen here).

Father Jay Flaherty, a local Catholic Priest, called it “hate material” and claimed it attacks the Catholic tradition of the Eucharist. He is afraid the document could lead to violence in the small town of 5,000, and rightfully so (but religion could never be responsible for hostility, tension or violence- so that claim is just ridiculous, right? See: Crusades, 9/11, Abortion). Speaking to the point of violence again the priest said, “But you can’t argue with ignorance, it’s not worth it.” Well that is a two way street pal – Ignorance is defined as “the state in which one lacks knowledge, is unaware of something or chooses to subjectively ignore information.” Actively shutting down all perspectives but your own inherently makes you ignorant. So before you preach the gospel – open up a dictionary – strong words like ignorance and faith only work if you don’t sound like a complete idiot when using them. Regardless of what you believe in, if we can’t laugh at ourselves then what do we have left? So what if our kids start asking questions, isn’t that what we beg for? Isn’t that what we’ve been asking of them for years? We don’t honestly want a generation of kids to all grow up not asking questions, only taking orders and all having the same point of view, do we? (see: Nazi Germany [harsh? maybe – but you get my point])

I guess if Father Flaherty had his way- America’s youth would mindlessly listen and heed instructions, and in that case I’ll start packing my bags. For me – the most important question anybody can intelligently ask is “why”, regardless of religious denomination. This isn’t so much a religious discussion as it is a discussion on intelligence and the advancement or regression of such. Stripping that person of the right to think openly without judgement is quite frankly one of the most ignorant things you can do. It is frightening how stupid we are becoming and it starts at home. So let them think, let them ask questions and answer them honestly – we’ll all be better off for it.

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  1. Maura says:

    Oh man… I read that whole comic thing. “The Catholic Church tricked all of you into following them through FEAR!” …. “You will go to hell unless you join US!” haha crazies. If I was Fr. Flaherty I’d be most pissed about depicting the Church following the devil.

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