Lindsay Lohan thinks we still care about her

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Headlines that make you want to punch somebody, Videos
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The queen of promiscuity is at it again, claiming the latest E-Trade commercial took a swing in an attempt to sully her already stellar reputation. In the commercial they reference a “milkaholic” named Lindsay, so of course she threw on some panties, dropped on the giant sunglasses and called her lawyer. The lawsuit is for $100 million, and why not, it would take her lifetimes to make that much money charging people to watch her dominate 8 balls off of night club toilet seats. Her lawyer then had the audacity to say that ” ‘Lindsay’ is an equally recognizable moniker for her client — like that of Oprah or Madonna”. I can not stand any of those three people, but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least acknowledge the fact that putting Lindsay Lohan – the sultan of slutty – in the pantheon with 2 of the most successful women of our time is absolutely ri-god damn-diculous. I’m hoping the suit is denied, and they charge Lohan with one count of absurd and 1 count of shut the hell up nobody cares about you anymore.

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