Kevin Williams is worthless

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Random thought, sports
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In case you are unfamilar, I’ll run a quick catch-up to those who don’t know the story about Minnesota Vikings lineman Kevin Williams. He is very fat, he is a professional football player, he took a supplement that had something in it which was banned by the NFL, NFL tried to suspend him, fat man put up a fight, now fat man is suing the NFL.

This dumb ass now claims that he didn’t know the substance was banned. I’m sorry but if your only job is to play football, make millions of dollars and take care of your body one would think you would pay extra attention to what goes into it. Not to mention the fact that the NFL has a huge list of banned substances that every player has access to. There is absolutely no gray area here. Before an NFL athlete takes any supplement you would think he would run it by somebody just to be on the safe side. But no, fatty couldn’t handle the fact that his usually slender 310 pound frame ballooned to 315 and he needed the quickest way to drop those extra lbs. He turned to the weight loss drug to “help me shed a couple extra pounds, for health reasons, keep the coach off my back”. Yea – because dropping from 315 to 310 is going to be the difference in whether or not you have a heart attack while hauling your kankles up the stairs. Side note: he had to make his “playing weight” to cash in on a $400,000 roster bonus. What that means is that not even $400,000 could tempt this behemoth sloth to drop the snickers bar which is awfully pathetic. When you’re privileged enough to play Football for a living and become filthy rich because of it – you are not allowed to come in a little heavy to camp; and you sure as hell aren’t allowed to make weak ass excuses like “I didn’t know”. I understand he didn’t exactly get through college due to his sharp intellect but come on, how stupid and irresponsible do you have to be? Kevin Williams- you fat, stupid piece of trash – get your colossal ass out of the McDonald’s line and into the weight room – you’re embarrassing yourself.

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