This is what humiliation looks like

Posted: March 8, 2010 in Random thought
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I spotted this poor bastard outside of a Liberty Tax establishment in West Allis, WI. I was waiting to get my car worked on, ran across the street for lunch and just had to get a snapshot of the inhumanity – I couldn’t help myself. In my opinion there is something fundamentally wrong with a boss that trots his employees out on the street in ridiculous garb in what must be a failed attempt at securing new business. I witnessed first hand just how successful this guy was… at getting people to honk at him. It was a sad cycle: they would turn the corner, honk, laugh and he would wave back all the while keeping his head down. It is hard to tell from the picture, but he is wearing sunglasses; it wasn’t very sunny out that day so the only viable explanation is that he needed to hide his identity as best he could in an effort to not completely out himself as “that guy in the stupid costume on the corner”. Even his crown is angled down, like a dog’s ears after they’ve been scolded. There is nothing about a disgraced man in a woman’s costume that makes me thing, “Hell – I was going to wait but I’ll get my taxes done right this instant!” I hope one day his slimy boss dresses himself in degradation and paces back and forth while being scoffed at. The only thing that would have made this experience even more unwatchable is if he had a Big Gulp hurled at him from a car window (and I can not say with confidence that this didn’t happen). I’m still not sure if he is holding his hand out to say hello, or trying to hail a cab to get the hell out of there. I feel bad for ya pal, but don’t worry – I’m sure this is the final step before you’re rewarded with that big promotion!

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  1. The Muzz says:

    They do the same shit here in washingon and I have to say I feel bad for these kids too man…. It actually makes me think to myself how I will never get my taxes done with Liberty…. EVER. This is just bad for his business if anything

    • Fatchops says:

      I’ve been tempted to go in and say “If you let that kid go home for the day , THEN you can do my taxes right now”. But by doing that- it in some way acknowledges the fact that the masked man was the impetus for my arrival….. and then we’re back to where we started.

  2. dave says:

    these guys do this everywhere. i drive by two of these places on the way to work every day. both with people standing outside of them. i think they actually pull people off the streets for the day to do this. sometimes me and my buddies will give a sympathetic honk to these poor kids, you can’t help but feel bad for them, even the enthusiastic ones. i can’t imagine who would ever think this is a good way to get new business, honestly, people dancing on the street making fools of themselves does not scream, GET IN HERE AND DO YOUR TAXES NOW! to me.

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