Ignorance is bliss…and hangs out at local pizza shops

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Whatever
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Tonight I had the distinct pleasure of coming in contact with one of the most ignorant assholes I have ever met. I was at a local restaurant waiting to pick up food for company we had over tonight and on the TV was a news feed. They were speaking specifically about and debating the war in Iraq. I have heard this argument a million times so I didn’t pay too much attention; it’s too bad I couldn’t block out the person next to me as well. I heard this bumbling idiot utter a phrase essentially declaring that anybody fighting this war is “stupid” and/or “has a screw loose”. As if that wasn’t ignorant enough he went on to make known the fact that he believes the men and women fighting for this country should have something else to do besides “wasting this country’s time and money”. I generally tend to let a lot of things roll off my back but this is one I couldn’t shake. First I looked around to see if maybe there was somebody else there, somebody who shares this idiotic point of view because maybe then and only then could this even remotely be justified. No, he was speaking in a way in which I had to be the only person he expected to hear it. Seething, I turned around and asked, “are you kidding me? that has to be the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard”. He responded dim-wittedly, regurgitating the same nonsense he just said before. Every muscle in my body, every fiber of my being wanted to put this mother fucker’s head through the table he was sitting at. I must have been drenched in hostility because that was where the conversation ended. I waited for him to open his mouth again, silently begging him to give me a reason but he didn’t. His order was up and he walked his stupid ass out of the door and hopefully out of my life forever.

I have one very good friend in particular who is an E5 in the Navy. I would have given anything to reenact this situation with him next to me because I absolutely guarantee this asshole would have gotten his face rearranged free of charge. Where the fuck does anybody get off shitting on our service men and women at home and overseas? How does somebody even think that up, let alone have the nerve to spew this garbage amidst unfamiliar company? When my friend told us he decided to serve I remember being scared for him, but he wasn’t. I was nervous for what lied ahead of him, but he wasn’t. I was unsure, anxious, angry and above all things – proud. I would never, in a million years, have the balls to do what he does for this country. I don’t give a shit if you support the war or oppose the war because, frankly, it doesn’t matter. One’s feelings towards the war should in no way affect the way we feel about the men and women fighting it for us. Husbands, wives, children, brothers and sisters are dying every day and this slack jawed moron had the gall to attack them. Fuck him, I truly hope that if there is karmatic justice in this world he gets plenty of time to think about what an ignorant piece of shit he is on a long drawn out painful death bed.

I understand this is awfully personal and a bit more sharp-tongued than usual but seriously – whether you are for or against the war it should in no way change the way you think about those fighting it. To all those serving for us, and my good friend Anthony – thank you. You are the truest example of a hero, the ideal definition of a martyr and will always have the utmost respect from me. If more people had even a fraction of the courage you exemplify the world would be a better place. Keep fighting, and come home safe.

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  1. D. Gonz says:

    couldnt agree more. id go fight if i wasnt so damn beautiful. jk my mom would kill me before anyone else. 5 stars.

  2. Tim says:

    Excellent. You touched on an important topic without making it political. Well versed my friend! Keep praying for all our heroes overseas!

  3. Maura says:

    hate the war not the warriors!

  4. ann sterzinger says:

    Another great post. If you say you oppose the war, shitting on your half of the gladiatory population erodes your base of argument.

    • Nick says:

      thanks for reading! This post was more of an emotional outlet. I usually don’t write things like this but he pissed me off so badly that I felt it just needed to get out there. I don’t care what anybody thinks of the war, but to shit on those fighting it is just ignorant.

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