Awwww… but he is reeeeaaaally sorry

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Random thought
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In case you didn’t catch this blip in the headlines – Boyd Malvo, the DC Sniper accomplice is really sorry for the shooting spree that claimed 10 lives. He sent a letter to one of the victims of whom he shot in the neck at point blank range. “I am truly sorry for the pain I caused you and your loved ones. I was relieved to hear that you suffered no paralyzing injuries and that you are alive” , Malvo wrote. I can see his puppy dog eyes now, looking up innocently through the 4 inch-thick bullet proof glass from the prison in which he is currently rotting. Really? I’m sure the victim who was shot without reason or provocation is absolutely delighted that this little jerk off felt the need to remind him of what is possibly the worst day of his life. He would have been better off writing, “Hey, remember when I stood over you and plugged a bullet into your neck? I’m glad your not paralyzed, cause THAT would suck. Welp – see ya later!”  The victim questioned his intentions and sincerity, and rightfully so. Besides, he must be sincere because the legal system would never do something so stupid as to let a mass murderer get his sentence reduced for simply sending an apology letter…. right?

How can you stay mad at this face?

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  1. Maura says:

    See… guns = bad

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