Like Favre? Hate Favre? Either way you have to see this display of douchebaggery

Posted: March 4, 2010 in sports
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Recently an overzealous fan took out a full-page ad in the Hattiesburg American paper based in Mississippi essentially begging Favre to come back. I’m not even sure where to start with this one only to say that this can quite possibly be one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever laid eyes on. Go ahead and read this disgusting display of adoration then tune in below for my take on this pathetic ass hat.

(thanks to deadspin for getting a hold of this)

Right off the bat we can tell this guy sucks because he admits his fandom was thanks to a 3 cent piece of crap toy helmet. I would have accepted Tarkenton, Page, Moss, Moon, or Prince to name a few. He goes on to say he was “downright giddy” and prepared for “one heckuva year”. Gee golly can you feel the excitement?! Then this fucktard rattled off a list of things that are just downright incorrect.

  • “You gave a ‘big business’ league some personality” – if by personality you mean stubbornness so strong he couldn’t even pull his self-righteous head out of his ass to come to camp and compete for his job, waffled back n forth keeping all his fans in the dark while successfully ruining most teams chances to plan for next season… then yeah – he was chock full of personality.
  • “You made a professional sport emotional” – while this is technically true, in the context this pansy meant it it’s certainly wrong. Watching somebody die is emotional, watching somebody sob like a child while practically stabbing you in the back is insulting.
  • “And you helped make, so it appeared to all of us, a group of teammates into a collection of true friends” – Holy shit. I’m sure Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Ronsenfels and Brett Favre are real pals – I wonder who hosts the book club meetings? Adrian Peterson must be stoked given the fact that every time Chilly called in a running play Favre couldn’t help himself but to change the play and gun the ball into the stands. But he’s just a big kid out there!… Give me a break

Does it make it more weird that this article was written by somebody who lives in Madison, WI? (I’m actually still not convinced that John Madden isn’t the actual penman, but that’s besides the point)

Most importantly (and hear these next sincere words from a fellow dude who just happens to think you’re an absolute douche bag): For the price of this ad you could have brought your worthless ass to a few games and helped them sell some seats at that putrid place. Instead you’ve gone and done this and displayed to the world what a god damn fool you are. Congratulations – you suck.

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  1. Ann Sterzinger says:

    If somebody in Madison wrote this, it’s either a. a joke, or b. the work of some weenball college student who’s actually enough of a simpleton to be homesick for fucking MINNESOTA. If it’s the latter, the silly-ass taboo deformations clearly indicate that either a. Lutheranism breeds speech defects, or b. Fucko here actually thinks his mother is going to read this.

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