Excuse me, miss, you dropped your heroin

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Headlines that make you want to punch somebody
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A preschool teacher in Brookfield, WI was recently arrested on a drug possession charge. So what, right? Well the way it happened was priceless and will forever enshrine her in the Dumbass Drug Addict Hall of Fame. This narcotic aficionado made the executive decision to bring her bag of heroin to work with her because, hell, who doesn’t need some black tar before reading Hop on Pop to a few 4 year-olds? The dumb shit didn’t even care enough to keep them somewhere safe as the bag fell out of her pocket and was discovered by another teacher who called the police. One parent was asked if he was concerned about the half-baked junkie and responded, “Well yeah, I mean absolutely.” What do you mean “well, yeah”? I’m sorry (not really) but there shouldn’t be any hesitation whatsoever when asked about your feelings towards your child’s heroin addicted teacher. The kind of parents that respond casually to an incident like this are also the kind of parents that, down the road, might burst into their child’s school with a sword – but that’s ridiculous, right?

Listen, I understand that there are some people out there who can’t or will not be helped. My problem is their employment in an environment where they are responsible for essentially raising children. It’s called a background check, or if you really care – a drug test. Heroin addicts aren’t the kind of people who just fly under the radar. I have not yet seen the woman who was charged but I’m willing to bet she would be a shoe-in for most “Which one of these is not like the other?” games.

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  1. addicere77 says:

    Actually, hiding an addiction as large and seemingly obvious as heroin isn’t as hard as you think. I did it for years. People just don’t want to believe that an otherwise bright, amiable person is secretly banging dope during their lunch break. One aspect of human relationships that can not be overestimated is denial. People believe what they want to believe. Besides, if the same woman was popping prescription Valium she got from her doctor would you feel all up in arms? Being a drug addict doesn’t make someone a child abuser, it makes them a drug addict. Maybe what your upset about is learning that drug addicts don’t all huddle around burn barrels or play tenor sax at jazz dives. They serve your food. They do your taxes. Some of them are smarter than you are. And, yes, unfortunately some are teachers, too.

    • Nick says:

      Thanks for reading and kudos on getting clean. The only thing I am up in arms about is the fact that she brought them to her place of work and dropped them on the ground, because I think it’s hilarious. I’m not ignorant to drug abuse in this country either, and I’ve seen my share of heroin users and in my experience they don’t look as normal as your casual bong smacker or 8 ball fiend. I guess what I had the problem with was the nonchalant attitude by the parents who were interviewed. I understand that drug users are everywhere, but I also understand that you can test for it and I know plenty of companies who administer random drug tests, find users, and fire them (or never hire them). But kids have a keen eye, they notice even what they don’t understand (the way I realized at a young age that most of the stories in the bible were complete bullshit) – so I would hope that the people responsible for, in part, helping to mold our children are drug tested. I don’t care if the guy serving my food or doing my taxes likes a good romp in lala land, and I agree that plenty of them are smarter than me, but we can’t pretend as if there is absolutely no way to filter these people out of important jobs like this.

  2. addicere77 says:

    Of course you’re right. I’ve watched the way that people deteriorate on dope for many years-way too many years. Most people start out as joy poppers or because they got a script from their good doctor and realized that one of the pleasant side effects of pain killers is that they make you feel like superman. Then, to quote from ‘Basketball Diaries’ you start doing it on Tuesdays. Before you’re even aware of it you need the drugs just to roll over in bed. You’re fucked and you know it but there you are. The choices are either to keep going just to function or try to begin the grueling process of getting clean by taking a few months off of work or school. I can’t stress how hard this is to someone that doesn’t know from experience. The only thing that makes a junkie feel even nearly normal is more dope. Imagine the worst flu you’ve ever had coupled with anxiety attacks that make you want to hide in a trench and add a strange acid trip like disreality and you’re within approximate range of the withdrawal sensation. That said, no person gone on dope should be able to take care of children. It just engenders too much recklessness and mood swings and not caring. It takes a whole lot to even get a junkie to start thinking about stopping. It took the possibilty of a five year prison sentence and getting just clean enough to see how totally fucked up my value system had become and how little I cared about the possibilty of going to Jackson State University during the periods I was high.I don’t know this woman but I’m sure she told herself, I’ll get clean tomorrow for years on end. Thats always the line I used. The point you get to is, “I don’t care what hell I have to go through it can’t be any worse than this.” This is less an act of heroism than self-preservation. I hope that that woman is there now. I’m sure, though, that part of her was relieved that it was all finally over.

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