Own the Podium!! kind of…

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Whatever
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I try not to pay too much attention to the Olympics, but this year I can’t help myself. There are plenty of reasons to stay tuned and none of them have anything to do with any degree of competition.

First off – it didn’t snow in Vancouver…. for the Winter Olympics. Read that sentence again and try to keep your head from exploding. These knuckleheads actually had to truck in snow. I also read somewhere that Vancouver is typically not very snowy this time of year (but I can’t confirm or deny the truth to that). Erring on the side of cynicism, I’d like to believe they did whatever they had to in order to get the Olympics – even if it meant holding the downhill ski on a sheet of ice.

Did you get a chance to catch the opening ceremonies, and more importantly the look on Wayne Gretzky’s face when the cauldron didn’t work? As if Canada’s not awkward enough we had to watch these 4 people stand there with a lit torch for an upwards of 2 minutes as Bob Costas let everybody know that there was definitely a mistake being made.

Besides the IOC’s incompetence, the coverage by NBC has been atrocious. Moving prime time events to other networks,  annoying announcers, tape delayed events, canceled events due to weather and broken Zambonis and oh yea – a guy died before the games even started and they had the nerve to keep the video up online. I am oddly drawn to taboo viral videos as much as the next guy but jesus christ, have some respect. We can read who won an event online before we see it on TV but footage of a man spiraling into a steel pole at 90 MPH is readily available for all to see. Don’t forget that they were also very quick to let everybody know that it was all the Luger’s fault – sympathy at its finest.

But It’s OK because the world can rally around Canada’s campaign to “Own the Podium”. Yes – the host country has made it their primary goal to dominate this year’s games and make sure everybody knows about it. Problem is, they have not been ‘owning’ anything (barely leasing it). I actually remember seeing one short track speed skating event where Canada was allowed 2 skaters out of the 5. Neither of them medaled….Think about how ridiculous that is.

If you didn’t have the chance to see any of the downhill ski events you missed out. it was like watching Nascar – only the crashes were guaranteed. I’m not sure what they expected to happen; the snow was trucked in, subjected to 50 degree weather, melted, then froze overnight. Hilarity quickly ensued.

The only thing I kind of wanted to watch was Hockey. This one did not disappoint – Canada lost to USA and left the country crying on their crepes which is most likely the only thing that can wake the sleeping, maple syrup crusted bearded beast. This has been one for the ages. I’d hate to rain on their Olympic parade, but Mother Nature has already taken care of that one for us.

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  1. gonz says:

    xD always good to know someone is more screwed than i am thnx

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