Your headlights are going to get you punched in the face

Posted: February 22, 2010 in Whatever
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I wasn’t going to post anything right away but something came up this afternoon that gave me a chuckle. I was driving home on my lunch break and received the infamous “headlight flash” from a car coming in the opposite direction.  In my experience there are 3 reasons that would prompt someone to flash their headlights at you:

  1. Caution ahead. (i.e. accident, animal sighting)
  2. Cop
  3. It’s dark out, so turn your lights on… asshole

It was 2:45 in the afternoon, wasn’t raining and visibility was perfect. I thought to myself, “This guy can’t possibly be telling me to turn my headlights on”. I slowed down and drove on, keeping an eye out for a deer (which I was certain would be ahead). When I didn’t see one, I hoped the cop that had to have been back there didn’t catch me speeding. Then it hit me…. that son of a bitch actually flashed me to turn my headlights on. It sounds petty, but think about the nature of the situation: This guy had the audacity to demand I do something simply because he thought I should do it. He wasn’t looking out for my well-being, or alerting me to something important; he was just being a jagoff. Think of it this way: If somebody you didn’t know told you to put a jacket on in Summer you’d probably tell them to get fucked. The next time I get an unnecessary headlight flash I’ll be prepared with something of my own to flash back.

I’m flattered that he cared enough to suggest I turn my lights on, but I am willing to bet he’s just a pompous ass.

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